Noel Rivers

2014   Death by Drowning. Ruled as Death by Misadventure. Noel was a necromancer who was learning his craft at the time of his death.
Spouse by the name of Susan.  Susan is a proximal, who has witnessed a family member awaken, and become aware of the supernatural world through  but has so far not demonstrated any herself.  She is a friend of Edgars,  and has 2 children age 6 and 8.


Tara Johnson

Tara Johnson is an associate of Noel Rivers. She apparently knew of Noel Rivers abilities and was working in some capacity with him a day or 2 prior to his death.


Takeuchi  is an older man of Japanese descent, but born in the United States sometime in the mid 20th century.  He is an Enchanter (Acanthus) that appears unaffillaited with any kind of mystical order, or is perhaps, in a minor way, affiliated with all of them.
Tanuki is not afraid of using his powers for personal gain under the right circumstances.  He makes investments in the right companies at the right time,  and wins at gambling more often (and in larger amounts) than is statistically likely.
He also spends his money very freely. His outfits are

Mari Nagase

Professor of Japanese culture and language at Concordia University in Portland, Or.
Associate of.  Partially responsible for the cultural exhibition that would have included 10,000 cold nights
Currently relations between the two are a little stressed.


Cerulean (Sarah Roberts)


Sarah Roberts is a Theurgist (Orbimos) affiliated with the Adamantine Arrow.  She talks about participating in early civil rights marches so she must be in her 80’s, but she has a certain ageless look about her.
She is part of a council that oversees mages and their magical efforts in Portland and the surrounding areas.