Dr. Albert Wilmarth

Dr Albert Wilmarth (Professor of English) Professor Wilmart specializes in collecting New England Folklore. After an incident in Vermont, Wilmarth has been sending graduate students to collect his folklore samples. Almost as old as Dr, Armitage,

Dr. Warren Rice

Dr Warren Rice (Professor of Classical Languages), Specialized in Semitic and near eastern languages. Pragmatic and a bit on the pessimistic side, Rice has had some of the least experience with the mythos of those in the inquiry, even though he is in his 60’s

Mrs Agatha Pickman

Mrs Agatha Pickman. Eccentric and domineering head of the Pickman Foundation, which helps to fund some activities of the inquiry. She requires accounting for her donations and is old enough to call Dr Armitage “Young Man”.

Dr. Ferdinand Ashley

Dr. Ferdinand Ashley (Associate Professor of Archeology). Specializing in Egyptology, Dr Ashley was part of the Miskatonic Western Australia expedition. Ashley is young enough for field work, but after experiences in Australia knows some of the dangers involved.

Dr. Nathaniel Peaslee

Dr. Nathanial Peaslee (Professor of Psychology). In his 30’s Peaslee is one of the youngest full professors at Miskatonic. His father was part of the ill fated Western Australia expedition and now resides in an institution, which feeds into his desire for the inquiry to take a more active role in confronting Mythos activity.

Dr. William Dryer

Dr. William Dryer (Professor of Geology ). Dryer was part of one of the Miskatonic Antarctic expeditions (whose exploits have been heavily redacted). In his 50’s, the last years have turned him very cautions about revealing mythos information, including a reluctance for Miskatonic (or other organizations) to enjoin in further expeditions.

Dr. Cyrus Llanfer

Cyrus runs the ORNE library at Miskatonic.  While having information that aspects of the occult and the mythos may be genuine, Dr. Armitage has done his best to shield Cyrus from direct knowledge. Cyrus knows what books are important, and where they are located, but has avoided reading them s much as possible. Cyrus has seen enough to appreciate the burden Armitage and others carry so that he does not have to.

Dr. Henry Armitage

Henry Armitage is the head librarian of Miskatonic University. While in his 70’s (of age), Henry is surprisingly hale, even if his age starts to show at times. He is surprisingly versed in the Cthulhu Mythos, but is usually reluctant to share his knowledge or insights, as he realizes the destructive power this knowledge has on the reasoning of most people