I am looking for 5 players to participate in a Bi-Weekly (meeting every other week) 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons game using the Dark Sun Setting . The game will meet in Richland Wa, with the exact location TBD. The time and day is also TBD – but I am looking at Thur or Friday evening or Saturday Afternoon.

My intention is to start a session zero between August 22 and August 31. There we will more firmly set the game expectations, acceptable behaviors, and game restrictions.

Why 4th Edition? After several years of running very “Theater of the Mind” style games, as a GM I am looking to immerse myself (and other players) in a more tactical combat experience. I think D&D 4E a good match for the combat feel I am looking for.

Why Dark Sun? I have never explored a Dark Sun campaign. I am intrigued by some of the premises (lack of divine magic, preserving and defiling, harsh environments) that I think might make an interesting twist on a typical D&D campaign. I am not averse to taking some of these premise and creating a new game world should players decide they want a more unknown / unknowable world.

Being able to be a good role player and enjoy tactical combat is a lot more important than knowing the 4E system or the Dark Sun Setting. Being a generous player who is considerate of others during play and who values the time and effort that all players put into a good RPG is the MOST important quality in a player.

Can you take an interest in the stories your fellow players want to tell? Are you ready to help them tell emotionally engaging stories set against the background of a rough and tumble world? Are you ready to think tactically when we all decide it is time to bring out the miniatures and 3D terrain? Then fill out the form below. Depending on the responses I will choose a time and select players. Hopefully I will have this sorted out by the first week of August.