General Spell Level Abilities (part 1)

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    GM Michael


    1 Difficulty: Getting Information about matter

    Determining what something is made of
    Determining weak spots or structure of something
    Helping to figure out function or use of an item
    Finding a hidden compartment.

    2 Difficulty: Shifting matter

    Altering the electrical conductivity to an object
    Shaping liquid or vapors
    Moving air to form a minor shield around a mage
    Minor alterations

    3 Difficulty: Significant changes to items

    Alter an items durability
    Mold any material into a new shape
    Repair an Object

    4 Difficulty: Complete transmutation of Matter

    Transmuting one element into another
    Transmuting simple items (like one gas or liquid into another)

    5 Difficulty Creation and destruction of matter.

    Altering the size and density of an object
    Destroying inert matter into nothingness
    Creating an object out of pure magic.


    1 Difficulty Gaining Information about Minds

    Reading emotional states
    Sensing conscious minds

    2 Difficulty: Minor influences

    Influencing minor minds (animals, etc)
    Projection emotions onto another (including
    Hiding your mental state from others
    limited shielding from mind magics
    Limited Telepathy
    Slight alterations in the perception of others.

    3 Difficulty: Significant alterations to minds

    Psychic assaults
    Full telepetahy
    Understand languages
    Mentally shield others
    Alter perceptions
    Alter personal mental and social performance.

    4 Difficulty: Limited control of minds

    Read and alter memories
    Create hallucinations
    Enter Dreams
    Alter mental or social abilities of others
    Limited telepathic control

    5 Difficulty Complete mental control

    Possession of another person
    Connecting multiple minds in a network
    Domination of another mind completely
    Send your consciousness to other realms


    1 Difficulty: Reading the fates

    Seeing connections between people, places, and objects
    Seeing vague outcomes of minor random events

    2 Difficulty Minor alterations of fate

    Small coincidences act in your favor
    *you are at the righplace / right time to meet a colleague
    * A small thing you need becomes available in a unexpeted manor
    * You make a good first impression because you have similar hobbies
    Ensuring an item works while you use it
    Swearing an oath that has a minor in game effect.
    Give extra fortune to one endeavor of yours (upgrade a die roll)
    3 Difficulty:

    Granting fortune (Upgrade) to other player characters
    Preventing outside powers from tampering with fate
    imbue lifeless objects with good or ill fortune

    4 Difficulty:

    Destroy the ties that bind a soul or sprint to a place or object
    Determine the fate of an object
    Sanctify, Later, and Sever oaths

    5 Difficulty:
    Determine the fate of another individual
    Create, Dispel or Alter a geas
    Declare and object, person, place. etc to be someones doom


    1 Difficulty: Know information about time

    Determine passage of time or time of day
    Wake at a set time
    Give assistance (boost / upgrade) to any events involving timing
    Sense temporal disturbances
    Get a sense of how old something is

    2 Difficulty: Peer into time

    Gain information into the future of an object / person / etc (one question)
    Glance forward to see the immediate outcome of a simple undertaking
    Postcognition. Getting an idea of what went on in the past of an area.
    Time Shielding. Preventing others from temporal scrying and divination on you

    3 Difficulty: Manipulate time

    Accelerate or Slow time
    Rewind time by one turn.
    Know the actions of your group one turn in advance

    4 Difficulty: Dealing with multiple possible ime flows

    Take yourself out of time into a pocket dimension
    Ask questions about multiple possible futures
    Bring another living creature or object forward a short bit in time

    5 Difficulty
    Bring others out of time into your pocket dimension
    Stop time
    Rewrite your personal history (shift experience for the character)

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