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    Damion grew up going to summer camps and private schools.
    His mom was usually busy with her burgeoning political career and his father was usually busy with his patients.
    From an early age Damion showed a talent for art and was quickly put into art programs and after school programs.
    In highschool Damion started selling weed to his classmates in an effort to stand out and make a name for himself. It happened to work and Damion gained a small amount of recognition and respect at school.
    In his senior year he came out to his family. It was uneventful. His mother said “that’s nice sweety” and his father simply gave him some papers on sexuality and gender expression.

    By the time he was in his junior year in college he had begun using the name Dame.

    Dame had started noticing a strange haze around people a few days before he saw the obelisk. Sometimes the haze looked like an after image. Sometimes it was in front of someone and sometimes it diverged from the main body. The day he decided to take a heroic dose of mushrooms was the day he awakened in a deep forest in front the towering obelisk.
    Memories from this experience are hazy but a few things stand out.
    The tower was covered in old ragged canvases. Dame pulled some back to reveal a black tower coated in paint and ink the canvases seemed to have their paint ripped from them.
    A hazy image of something in the sky and the sound of something coming.
    Hands grasping out at the obelisk black ink moving up the arms.

    When dame awoke his studio was covered in a mural that he did not remember painting. One wall depicted that same obelisk in all it’s dark glory. The second mural was of a tall hooded figure draped in fabric with their face hidden. The third was a black sun with an unfamiliar constellation. And the last mural showed a castle with twin suns behind its towers.

    Dame knows that other mages and sleepers look down on him and don’t anticipate much from him. He uses this to his advantage. Let them underestimate you; it will only give you more of an advantage.



    Dame is gay and uses he/him/they/them pronouns

    Dame has a history of one night stands and heartbreak behind them. He flirts around and enjoys the attention until they become to clingy.

    Dame may have a bit of a reputation in some circles.
    Though he wears his labels proudly.


    – artistic influences-

    Dames biggest influences are Francis Bacon, Tom of Finland, and Mark Bryan

    Dame is primarily a painter and carries a sketchbook/journal around with them.

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