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    I assume we’re going to discuss this in greater detail during tomorrow’s “Session Zero”, but I’m wondering if there’s going to be any crossovers in this game. The player character I have in mind would be very interested in meeting a Beast, for one thing. And if Crossovers arn’t off the table, I’d also be interested in interacting with characters from the fanlines Princess: The Hopeful and Genius: the Transgression.

    Geinus would probably fit in better than Princess, since Mages are inquisitive by their very nature and The Inspired create wonders that Go Horribly Wrong™ when someone tries poking around too much to figure out what they do, since they’re operating on scientific principles that are explicitly untrue. In fact my headcanon is that they have a connection to the Abyss in some way, and as I said before I’m interested in an Abyss-focused Chronicle.

    Princess might be a bit harder to justify since the main conflict is a bit more black-and-white, but you have the conflict between the Nobles and the All-Consuming Darkness be a completely alien element that disrupts the status quo. Alternatively you could lean into the more grey factions, such as the followers of the Queen of Tears who literally suck hope out of the world in order to fuel their dying dream land, or the followers of the Queen of Storms, who wish to destroy the darkness by any means necessary, no matter who or what gets hurt along the way.

    As for other vanilla crossovers, I’m also interested in encountering Demons, Promethans, Changelings, and also the guys from Deviant: The Renegade once that book comes out.

    GM Michael

    I would say let’s take it one step at a time. I’m converting a system here and need to concentrate on that and make sure it works!. I need to mage sure MAGE works before I can consider adding anything esle!


    I don’t think anyone is expecting you to try and convert the entirety of Chronicles of Darkness. 😀

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