Reply To: Ideas for getting at George Blaise.


I like Dame going in too. I think he brought it up, but I also think, why let all our creative plans go to waste? If we come up with a bunch of plans (and even put some, if not all, into motion), if Dame fails his check to resist George’s Mind magic, then we can confuse the frick out of him with a bunch of random plans. Which one’s the “true” plan? Who knows? Maybe even we don’t.

If others like the above concept, two contributions I have would be to:

1) Learn what stocks George is betting against, go onto Wallstreet Bets and try to frick him out of money by getting people to buy into them.

2) Have Tiffany apply to work at his firm.

These two “Plans” probably won’t do much, if anything, but it again could muddy up his reading of what plan(s) we are really going to go all-in on.