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Dedicated Spellcasting Tool: Librum de arte Tenebris (lit:”A Book About the Dark Art”)
Despite the pretentious name it’s really just Edgar’s journal. In it, he writes down his feelings in flowery prose, personifying his flaws and foibles as demons from the Ars Goetia, complete with crude, hand-drawn illustrations.
When he wishes to invoke goetic magics, he tears a page from the book and sets it alight, symbolically freeing the demon within. Likewise, he recalls the “demon” by sketching it’s likeness in the book, further sealing it away by describing it’s means of passage.

Here are a few examples of the goetic demons that Edgar may invoke, and for what purpose.

Bael: A hoarsely-voiced king with the head of a cat, toad, and a man. Has power over invisibility, garnering favor over others, matters of science and love.
Agares: An old man riding a crocodile, who teaches languages, retreives runaway persons, and causes earthquakes.
Vassago: Similar form to Agares. Tells magicians of past and future events, locates lost objects, and commands spirits.
Gamigin: Takes the form of a small horse before transforming into a hoarse-voiced human. Has powers over the dead.
Marbas: A great lion who can take the shape of a man. Cures and heals diseases, gives wisdom and knowledge in mechanicacal arts, and can change the formes of people.
Valefar: Helps thieves until they are caught in a trap. A lion with the head of a donkey.
Amon: A blue-skinned humanoid who reconsiles friends and foes.
Buer: Bestows good familiars, so he’s probably helpful for working with spririts.
Stolas: The crowned owl, with very long legs. Teaches astronomy, and is knowledgable about herbs, plants and precious stones, and also internet memes.
Astaroth: Seduces by means of laziness, self doubt, and rationalized philosophies. Also teaches mathmatics, and gives mortal beings power over serpants.